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L3 Cincinnati Electronics (L3 CE) is an established pioneer in space exploration and military/defense technology. A leader in high-technology and engineering services, L3 CE is world renowned for its expertise in the areas of infrared detection and space and missile electronics. As a first-class engineering and production company, L3 CE is engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of highly-sophisticated electronics equipment that is used in a variety of product areas for government, civil and commercial applications.


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L-3 Cincinnati Electronics Teams With United Launch Alliance to Launch the NROL-61 Mission

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Ohio's Stake in Future Space Missions [wvxu.org]

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L-3 Sonoma EO Marks Production Milestone With Its 2511X™ Long Standoff Airborne Imaging System

3 to 5
Navy League (Sea, Air, Space)
National Harbor, MD
3 to 6
33rd Space Symposium    
Colorado Springs, CO
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Infrared Products & Systems
MWIR Cameras
NightWarrior 640
Situational Awareness
Large Format/Wide-Area Surveillance Sensors
4K x 4K

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